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About our Team Tournaemnts

Choose your own fishing partner in the WON BASS teams tournament program. Tournament fishing with your partner is fun and it's the quickest way to become a better bass angler. You can win money, get lucky and win prizes in our various sponsor raffles, and it's a great way to get involved in the great sport of competitive bass fishing.

In addition to the Pro Circuit, WON BASS serves western fishermen with many team tournament regions all fishing for cash and prizes in their local regions, with one eye on the WON BASS Team Championships at the end of the 7-tournament season.

These team events are open to all caliber and gender of bass anglers from age 16 and up. This is not just a hard-core legion of old-time bass anglers, although some of the very best anglers in the entire world have cut their teeth fishing WON BASS team events. It's a family affair. There are teams comprised of father-son, father-daughter, mother-son, husband-wife, father-daughter, etc. If you like to fish competitively and have fun, too, maybe the team tournament circuit in your local area is the perfect answer.

Each region features 7 tournaments and offers anglers a great chance to qualify for the WON BASS $50,000.00 TRI-STATES TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS. Each team region will send anglers to the WON BASS Team Championships.

Thirty percent of the participating teams in each region will qualify for the WON BASS Team Championships from the year-end standings.  WON BASS will always round up, and one extra team will qualify when the numbers of qualifiers in a regions has a remaining fraction above 30%..

The requirement to fish in a minimum number of events has been removed starting with the 2010-2011 season. Each region to host seven (7) tournaments. The best 5 (five) events used to qualify for the end of the year TOC invitation. AOY will be based on best 6 including the TOC. There are 2 throw outs during the regular 2011 season.