WON BASS Tournaments

WON Bass


The official tournament rules for WON BASS events, as follow, will govern pro
circuit events and team events. “Lake specific” revisions or exemptions,
should any be necessary, will be posted on the WON BASS Web site, listed
in the WON BASS paper, or announced at the mandatory rules/partner pairings
meeting prior to the first day of the competition. WON BASS reserves
the right to refuse any entry into its Open or Team tournaments at the discretion
of the tournament authority

1. Participation and Eligibility — There are no restrictions as to race, gender,
creed or color of any WON BASS participant. A participant in a WON
BASS pro circuit, AAA, or team tournament program must be a current
member of WON BASS in good standing. Those participating under the age
of 18 must have written consent and the release of liability from a parent or
guardian, and the approval of the WON BASS Tournament Director. Any angler under the age of 18 in a team event must be fishing with a parent or legal guardian. Any anglers under the age of 16 who want to fish in a Pro event as a Pro or AAA must get the written permission of the Tournament Director 30 days in advance of the tournament. In most cases anglers under the age of 16 will not be allowed to participate,

NOTE: There are only two classifications in Pro circuit
events — Pro and AAA.

2. Cooperation with Media/Promotion — Within the framework of reasonable
requests, all contestants in WON BASS events will cooperate with
media representatives covering said event. Likewise, participation in the
tournament grants WON BASS the use of any pictures of contestants,
accounts, or interviews with contestants it gathers for the lawful promotion
of WON BASS and its tournament operations.

3. Sportsmanship — The laws of sportsmanship and good judgment as
well as courtesy towards others on and off the water will be adhered to at
all times. Specifically, the use of obscene language or gestures is specifically
forbidden at any time prior to, during, or after the event in the immediate
area of the host marina, weigh-in area, lodging facilities, or tournament

4. Tournament Protection Rule — Any act or inflammatory statement by
any contestant that, in the opinion of the Tournament Authority, is detrimental
to the bass tournament, damaging to organized bass fishing, to WON
BASS, or any of its staff, sponsors, or to permitting agencies or their officers
(such as park rangers, fisheries biologists, or other officials), during
the practice rounds or tournament, may result in the temporary or permanent
suspension from all future WON BASS events. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY
OF EACH CONTESTANT to know these rules. A rules violation compromises
the entire tournament field, not just your partner for the day.

5. Alcoholic Beverages/Narcotics — Any contestant under the influence
of, or in possession of, alcohol, barbiturates, marijuana, or any other controlled,
illegal substance in his or her boat will result in the immediate disqualification
of the offending party.

6. Expenses — AAAs do not choose fishing locations nor do they operate
the trolling motor except with the approval of the Pro contestant. As such,
they are not required to share expenses for the day. However, etiquette and
courtesy deems that the AAA offers to share a portion of the day’s expenses
with the Pro angler.

7. Safety — Each boat entered in a WON BASS event must be equipped
with a working ignition “Kill” switch, which must be attached to the driver
whenever the outboard motor is running. Also, any time the outboard motor
is in operation during official practice rounds or during prescribed tournament
hours, the driver and all passengers must wear and secure their Coast
Guard approved (Type III PFD) life jackets. SOSpender types that meet Type
V PFD performance with Type III or Type II performance are allowed.
Drivers are responsible for maintaining, knowing their craft, and operating
their boat in a safe and courteous manner. Unsafe or reckless driving,
excessive speed, and violation of local laws will not be tolerated. Boat drivers
who purposefully endanger their passengers and/or other boats on the
water during the official tournament period face the possibility of disqualification
from the tournament and potential expulsion from the WON BASS
tournament trail.

8. Insurance & Liability — It is the sole responsibility of the boat owner to
carry and have proof of public liability insurance covering them and their
passengers. All contestants are required to sign a waiver absolving the
tournament staff, sponsors, co-sponsors, tournament venues, and their
employees from any responsibility for any damage or personal injury sustained
as a result of their participation in the tournament or related activities.
Contestants are required to have in their possession and upon request
provide proof of insurance to the tournament director. Failure or refusal to
provide proof of insurance upon demand may result in disqualification from
the event.

9. Licenses & Registration — Each contestant must have in possession a
valid and current fishing license with the appropriate stamps governing the
fishable waters of the event. Penalty for such an offense is subject disqualification
for that day’s catch. Additionally, contestants must have current,
valid registration for their boats in order to be eligible to fish the event.

10. Lake Closures — There are no off-limits periods for pro and team tournaments,
(see posted schedules for specific closed periods or for closed
periods preceding the U.S. Open and Team Championships). No angler or
representative, relative, etc., shall be on the lake in the hours after the day’s
weigh-in or before the start of the next day’s activities, except to return
directly to a launch site for boat retrieval or other specified action such as
motor repair testing as authorized by the tournament authority.

11. Fish Transport — Transporting live fish taken in one area and releasing
them in another for the purpose of “seeding” or establishing a population
in the new area during a practice period, during the tournament, or 30 days
prior to a tournament is strictly prohibited and grounds for disqualification.

12. Fishable Waters/Off Limits — Fishable waters in WON BASS tournaments
include any water reachable by boat which is open to all contestants
and which is not otherwise restricted by local, state, or federal regulations.
All fishing and landing of fish must be done from the boat. A contestant my
not leave the boat to untangle a fishing line or lure from any structure
(trees, rocks, docks, etc) or part of the boat. No contestants are permitted
to leave their boat in an effort to propel or float their boat to or from fishing
waters they could not otherwise reach; however, the use of push poles is
permitted. The host marina including the area inside the “no-wake” buoys
is always off limits to fishing. Other marinas or areas may also be designated
as “off limits” due to specific lake rules and regulations. All off limits
areas will be denoted during the mandatory partner pairings meeting.

13. Equipment/Tackle/Technique Restrictions — Each Pro tournament
entered boat must be a minimum of 16 feet in length and be equipped with
a minimum seventy-five (75) horsepower outboard motor. Minimum horsepower
for team tournaments is ten (10) horsepower with a minimum boat
length of 14 feet. Engines may not exceed the BIA horsepower rating for the
boat hull and no outboards over 300HP will be permitted in a WON BASS
event. Dual engine outboard vessels are also prohibited. “Stick” steering
boats are prohibited as well. Each boat must be equipped with a functioning,
aerated livewell. Boats must have rear seat available for AAA partner
should they request one. Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait, cut
or prepared baits other than pork rind or mammal hide may be used. Fish
“attractants and scents” may be utilized. All fishing must be accomplished
with one rod and reel combination used at one time, meaning each cast
must be made and line retrieved before another cast may be made with
another outfit. A contestant may have an unlimited number of rods and
reels on the boat rigged and ready to fish. Trolling, (the act of manipulating
the lure solely by maneuvering the boat under any type of power) is prohibited.
The intentional snagging of fish is strictly prohibited. Landing nets
are permitted in WON BASS events, but may not have an overall length
(handle and hoop combined) longer than eight (8) feet.

14. Encroachment — a “25” yard rule is in effect at all times during competition.
No contestants boat may move within 25 yards of another contestant’s
boat at any time for the purpose of fishing, unless initial party has
granted permission. A boat moving from one area to another may not “tieup,”
“claim,” or “protect” more than a single dock or location at one time
regardless of the distance involved.

15. Size Limits/Bag Limits — Qualifying fish (Largemouth, Smallmouth,
and Spotted Black Bass) must be a minimum of 13” in length, measured
laying flat with the mouth closed on a flat board. The daily tournament limit
will be five (5) bass per boat. Never shall there be more than 5 fish in a tournament
boat, unless you are engaged in the act of catching and culling your
6th fish. Tournament boats inside the check-in area must not possess more
than the tournament limit of 5 fish. Anglers in violation are subject to disqualification
for the day, at the sole discretion of the tournament director.
Should local or state regulations specify a different method of measurement,
a different minimum length or a different bag limit than the WON
BASS tour standard, the more stringent standard will be utilized in the tournament.
Short fish will be assessed a one-pound penalty plus the loss of
the short fish.

16. Sight Fishing The intentional snagging of fish is strictly prohibited.

17. Culling — (Replacing a live caught bass with a larger live caught bass)
is permitted during the fishing day. At no time during tournament hours
may contestants fish while possessing more than the WON BASS 5 fish
tournament limit. The exception to this would of course be the catch, measurement,
and release of a 6th fish caught with 5 in the livewell. The Title 14
rulings by the California DFG will allow WON BASS tournament anglers in
California to continue to fish with 5 bass in the livewell. However, for the
purposes of the tournament, no more than 5 bass may be in the livewell at
any time. No measuring, releasing, or culling of any bass is permitted by
contestants inside the designated host marina boundaries at any time. At
no time will a contestant cull a “Dead” fish during tournament hours.

18. Weigh-ln — When presenting fish to be measured, the contestant cannot
touch the fish while the official takes the measurement. Once fish are
presented to the Weighmaster, they immediately become the “official catch”
of the contest and they become the possession of the Weighmaster to
measure, weigh and record as such. Requests for a re-weigh or second
opinion will be denied.

19. Dead Fish Penalty — It is the goal of WON BASS to release alive all
tournament caught bass following the weigh-in. Contestants, therefore, are
required to do everything in their power to preserve their daily catch.
Deliberate, rough, or careless handling of fish while culling or handling fish
is grounds for disqualification. The amount of .20 (20/100th) of one pound
will be deducted for each bass presented “not alive” as judged by the

20. Breakdowns / Emergencies — Anglers are not permitted to leave their
boat or touch another boat, with the exception of emergency or major
equipment failure. In the case of a breakdown on the water, the fishing partner
may accept assistance in the form of a tow from or a return ride with
any other boat on the waters.
While in tow, or riding, those contestants accepting assistance, are not
permitted to continue fishing.
However, other contestants, if rendering assistance, may continue fishing.
Should one of the contestants decide to stay with the troubled craft, he
may send his catch with his partner to the Weighmaster. The angler who
remains with the craft may not continue to fish once he has sent his catch
to the Weighmaster. Anglers with fish to be taken to weigh-in may only be
transported via another tournament contestant’s boat or a method
approved by the tournament authority.

21. Cellular telephones — Cell phones or other communication devices,
including all forms of text messaging are allowed in boats as an emergency
tool only; boat-to-boat communication is prohibited except for emergency
purposes. Anglers who communicate with others during tournament hours
for the purposes of bettering their fishing circumstances will be disqualified
by the tournament authority.

22. “Bacon Saver” — AAA entrants, may at registration declare their boat
available as a “Bacon Saver” in case an extra boat is needed by a Pro in the
tournament due to an equipment failure. If needed, the AAA Bacon Saver
will be paired with the pro whose boat is inoperative. The Pro will pay the
AAA $100 plus gas and oil expenses for the day for the use of the boat. The
AAA drives the boat, at the direction of the Pro, but the Pro may operate the
trolling motor and retains the right to select the waters to be fished. Should
no “Bacon Saver” boat be available, both the Pro and his regularly drawn
AAA partner shall be retired from the tournament. Any “official catch”
weighed will be theirs to keep.

23. Late weigh-in — There is no excuse for being late to the weigh-in. Any
contestants (and respective partners) caught returning to the check-in point
after the official tournament deadline for their flight, will be disqualified for
that day.

24. Citations — Any contestant cited by officers for violation of City, State
or Federal fishing or boating regulations jeopardizes his daily catch and may
be subject to disqualification by the tournament authority.

25. Standings/Ties — Final standings in any WON BASS event will be
determined by the heaviest cumulative weight for the prescribed tournament
period. The cumulative total will reflect the actual weight of the fish
caught, less assessed penalties, if any. Pro and AAA will score the total
weight of each daily boat catch. Their two-day scores will be added, placing
Pros and AAAs in their own division. In the case of a tie, the prize money
and points will be awarded in the following manner: For cash awards, the
designated prizes will be added together and split among those tied for a
given place. (Example: A two way tie for fifth place would split the cash
awards designated for both 5th and 6th place and each would receive 5th
place points). This applies to big bass option awards as well.

26. Lie Detector Testing — All contestants, by virtue of entry into a WON
BASS event, are subject to testing by a lie detection apparatus by authority
of the Tournament Director. Should the person selected for a polygraph test
decline to submit for such test, or fail the test, there will be no appeal and
he will forfeit any awards due.

27. Protests — Protests regarding violation of these rules must be
declared immediately to the Tournament Director and then submitted in
writing within 30 minutes of the end of weigh-in for that day the alleged violation
occurred. The Tournament Authority will hear protests and the decisions
of the Tournament Director will be final. TO AVOID PROTESTS, if you
suspect a possible infraction is about to take place, ALERT THE WOULD-BE

28. Guaranteed Acceptance Policy — Any AAA entering the tournament
with a Pro contestant will receive a guaranteed entry status in the tournament.
To ensure guaranteed status, the AAA entry form and appropriate
entry fees must accompany those of the Pro, and be received in the WON
BASS office before the tournament entry deadline. Fax orders are accepted
only with a credit card payment. FAX (949) 366-0804.

29. Tournament Check-In — All Pro tour contestants are required to
check-in with the tournament registration staff during the hours prescribed
in the Official Tournament Itinerary or as directed by the Tournament
Authority. Those failing to check in may be assessed penalties as directed
by the tournament director. Tournament check-in times are set and
announced by the Tournament Authority.

30. Rules/Partner Pairing Meeting — All contestants, unless previously
excused by the tournament authority, are required to attend the tournament
Rules/Partner Pairing Meeting on the evening prior to the tournament or on
tournament day, if in a team contest. Unauthorized absence may result in
penalties as directed by the tournament authority. After the pairing of partners
is completed, it is the responsibility of the Pro to ensure his AAA partner
is available for the morning start. Should the AAA partner not show for
the start, the Pro may be required to wait until a replacement is found, or
the tournament director grants permission to the Pro angler to go out solo.

31. Awards Ceremony Attendance — While generally recognized that
attendance at presentation of awards ceremonies is an act of respect, it is
not always possible for all to attend. Those not attending forfeit any claim
to trophies or merchandise earned in competition or lottery drawings. The
Tournament Authority will mail the purse share and plaque to such individuals.
No other party may pick-up purse checks.

32. Deposits / Refunds — A $50 Pro or $25 AAA deposit will hold a spot
in any Pro Circuit tournament up to the cut-off date prior to the contest
when the balance of fees is due. There is no provision for refunding tournament
entry fees or deposits; however, entry fees or deposits may be
transferred to another like event or to another contestant’s entry application
if notification is received at WON BASS headquarters prior to the event
deadline. A $25 processing fee will apply to all cancellations and a $40 fee
will be charged on all returned checks. Persons with returned checks may
enter only with certified funds, cash or credit card.

33. Decisions — All decisions of the Tournament Authority shall be final.


Unless otherwise noted below, all rules applying to the WON BASS Pro
Circuit will apply to the WON BASS team tournaments.

A. Home Regions — Each team will, at the first tournament they fish during
the season, declare a home region with their tournament director. This
home region’s tournament director will be the main contact with the team
and act as the WON BASS representative through which all team tournament
communications will be handled.

B. Team Names — Team members will be listed alphabetically by last name,
with the first team member listed being the one with the last name that
comes first alphabetically.

C. Solo Anglers — No Team/Angler may fish more than 2 team tournaments
solo without a partner. Anglers fishing more than 2 events in a region
solo will not have their points counted towards the year end points race. All
solo anglers may be subject to FULL boat inspection, and or asked to fish
with an observer, at the discretion of the tournament director.

D. Off Limits — All WON BASS Teams regions will have no off limits period
prior to a tournament.

E. Points Races
The point race and qualifing for the TriStates Championsship will be determined by the highest number of points earned in best 5 of the 7 events in each region during the regular season. There will be two throw away events in all regions during the regular team season, assuming the region that completes all 7 events.

The final standing for each region will include the TRISTATES points added on to the best of 5 points total going into the TRISTATES. This total will be used to determine the AOL and final point standings in each region, and all awards will be based on this final point standing. The same 100 points for 1st place and 10 participation points will be used at the TRISTATES as was used during the regular season.

remember that this is a gentleman’s sport, where honesty
and integrity is expected at all times.

I. Passing of information during the tournament — It has long been understood
that the AAA is not to pass along information to his second day partner
regarding the techniques used or waters fished by his first day partner.
Further, it is a violation of fair play and professional ethics for a Pro to interview
or interrogate his second day AAA angler as to the techniques or
waters fished by the AAA’s first day Pro partner.

II. Appearance at Weigh-in — It is the responsibility of each angler to dress
and conduct themselves in a presentable and professional manner at
weigh-in and award ceremonies. Tank tops and shower sandals are not considered
appropriate apparel when weighing in before the observing public.
Contestants approaching the Weigh-in area who are barefooted or without
a shirt will be required to return to the boat for proper dress. Remember,
your potential future sponsors are watching you!

III. Conduct at Meetings/Tournament — All contestants should do their best
to see that those receiving awards are afforded the courtesy of their attention
during the announcement and introduction of winners and trade representatives.
It is the responsibility of all contestants to understand and be
constantly aware that their actions and words speak for all organized bass
fishing in the eyes of the observing public.

For tournament Schedules or Entry forms, Contact:

WON BASS — P.O. BOX 73370, San Clemente, CA 92673,
(949) 366-0030 ext 38,
Fax (949) 366-0804,

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